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Consumers can help reduce road deaths

9 July 2010

Consumers need to know more about the latest technology, to help continue the decline in casualties on Britain's roads.

Improved electronic safety technology, found in newer vehicles, has helped reduce the severity of crashes. However, there is evidence to suggest the majority of car owners are unaware of the latest systems.

This evidence raises concerns that consumers may not be prepared to make informed choices about safety when buying a new or second hand vehicle.

Electronic stability control is one example. It helps stop a vehicle skidding and has been on the market for more than 10 years.

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, shows it can reduce collisions by more than 40%, but eSafetyAware has found less than 40% of the UK’s car buying population is aware of it.

The motor industry has led the way in developing ESC. It is now available in almost half of all new vehicles and, following legislation, it will be mandatory in all new vehicles by 2014.

RoadSafe director, Adrian Walsh says, “The market is led by consumers, and uptake of this technology has been slow. People must be better informed of other eSafety technologies, so they can demand them when buying a vehicle.”