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Safer Commuting to Work

15 November 2010

Divided into four sections, including an overview of the scale of commuting related road deaths within the EU, travel plans and tips on how to set up safer commuting, an analysis of each different mode, the associated risk and measures that can be undertaken mostly by employers themselves as well as local and central government, the report examines what can be done by national governments and the EU to promote employers taking initiatives to improve safety of their commuting employees.

ETSC has launched PRAISE, a 3 year project addressing all safety aspects of driving ‘at’ work and driving ‘to’ work. Its aim is to “praise” best practices in order to help employers secure high road safety standards for their employees.

PRAISE aims to:
-advance the need for work-related Road Safety Management and provide the know-how to employers who must take on that challenge.

-raise the work-related road safety standards of EU Member States and carry out advocacy work at the EU level: work-related road safety is an area of road safety policy that needs renewed political commitment.

-communicate the message that work-related road safety should include road safety ‘at’ work (driving on duty) but also road safety ‘to’ work (commuting). 

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