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Business people in the dark over alcohol units

16 November 2010

The vast majority of business people have no idea about alcohol units and safe levels of drinking, it has been claimed.

TTC Automotive discovered that 90% of Shropshire businessmen and women did not know how many alcohol units there were in a bottle of champagne. Only 6% of respondents knew how to work out the number of units in a bottle.

“It is important to know the amount of alcohol in a drink in order to be aware of the limits for your health and the dangers of excessive consumption,” said Jo Baugh, director of TTC Automotive.

“We conducted the survey to examine how much people know about alcohol and units and the results were quite shocking. Only a small minority of those canvassed knew how to work out units of alcohol in a given bottle with 94% totally unaware.”

How to work out alcohol units is one of the topics taught to business drivers in TTC Automotive’s Drink and Drug Awareness workshops, where they learn how to multiply the volume by strength and divide it by 1,000 to find the number of units in a bottle.