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Strategic Framework for Road Safety

11 May 2011

The Uk's Startegic Framework for Road Safety published to coincide with the launch of a Decade of Action sets out the Government's approach to continuing to reduce killed and seriously injured casualties on Britain's roads.

Roadsafe is fully supportive of the the focus is on increasing the range of educational options for the drivers who make genuine mistakes and can be helped to improve while improving enforcement against the most dangerous and deliberate offenders.

We also welcome the announcement that more road safety information is to be made available to local citizens on a new  website to allow local people to easily compare the road safety performance of their local area against similar areas.

We are also pleased that RoadSafe will be cooperating with DfT on the development of a new portal to help road safety professionals share information.

It also highlights the significant contribution to be made by business and industry.

The full document is available for download here.


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