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New local risk reports available.

31 October 2012

This week, Road Safety Analysis is planning to publish its ‘Signpost Series’ of reports, which comprise a national scale study looking at risk to residents and road users, and nearly 600 local reports that contextualise the data at highway authority and local authority district level.  Based on indexed values that RSA has been developing, each report aims to make comparisons in the level of risk experienced by different groups using measures that are much more relevant to their road use and therefore more informative when looking for practice that is likely to be having an impact on road safety.

The national report will be published on the RSA website along with an interactive charting tool that will allow you to see whether an authority performs well against the national indices and also whether they are improving compared to the national picture; samples of the localised reports will also be available. We will also undertake some associated PR activity to draw attention to it.

Reports include:

•         National Road Safety; Performance and Progress, an analysis of risk to residents and road users

•         Sample Road Risk Report (available for every highway authority in the country)

•         Sample Resident Risk Report (available for every local authority district in the country)

The interactive chart to allow you compare where authorities are currently positioned in terms of risks and improvement will also be available on the main MAST online site:

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