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Tyre Safety Briefing 7 September

4 August 2011

Ahead of Tyre Safety Month, TyreSafe has issued an open invitation for companies and individuals to attend its first ever quarterly communications briefing on 7th September.
The event has been designed to provide existing TyreSafe members and other interested parties such as road safety professionals, fleets or even company HR managers, about the organisation’s upcoming campaigns, so they can plan and integrate their own activities around them.

Presentations at the event will come from two TyreSafe members on key topics that will impact significantly on the industry over the coming 12 months. The first will be from the Highways Agency on its new safety framework. The second  will be from Tyresure, a longstanding member of TyreSafe, who will provide a briefing about the impending legislative changes regarding tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and how workshops need to be equipped.

 Click here to book a place.

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