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Research reveals higher risk drivers.

22 November 2011

This research project now available through the award-winning Road Safety Knowledge Centre explores the links between offence histories and accident involvement of more than 2,000 active road users (ARUs) whose accident data were collected by TRL On The Spot (OTS) researchers between October 2003 and March 2010.

The first part of the research matched ARUs from the OTS database onto the DVLA, PNC or voters’ databases. Matches were found for 87% of ARUs, with 47% of these having a previous offence on either the DVLA or PNC database (or both).

The most common general offence type found was for summary motoring and the most common motoring offence type was for speed limit offences. Of the matched ARUs, 40% who were considered to be at fault in the OTS recorded accident were found to have an offence history compared to 31% of those who were not considered to be at fault.

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