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High crash rates in fleets

13 April 2015

Almost nine in 10 fleets (86%) have experienced an accident in the past 12 months, while 100% of fleets have had an accident where one of their drivers was ‘at fault’, according to research by IAM Drive & Survive.

It called the results into the true extent of company car accidents “shocking” and how now published a report called ‘An analysis of bent metal amongst company fleets’.

IAM Drive & Survive surveyed fleet professionals within 100 businesses on their approach to and experience of accidents involving their fleet.

The report stated, “The research shows that many companies are not addressing correctly this significant and avoidable overhead by putting in place sufficient measures to reduce the risk of incidents happening, or more worryingly, happening again to the same drivers.”

The report’s findings include:

  • Only 14% of fleets confirmed they had not had any vehicle incidents in their fleet in the last 12 months
  • Every fleet had suffered on-road incidents that were caused by their driver, i.e. an ‘at fault’ incident
  • Nearly half of all fleets said the average cost of repair per vehicle was more than £1,000
  • Only 33% of fleets said at-fault drivers faced some sort of punitive measure, i.e. fine, excess payments, etc
  • More than half said they didn’t offer any post-incident driver training as a means of reducing the risk of repeat incidents

The report added, “Few provide any driver training as a way of reducing the chance of the driver having another incident. Is this a good situation for company, fleet, vehicle or driver?”