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Driver Training Rules to be changed

8 December 2011

Tougher rules to prevent trainee instructors from teaching and to allow L Drivers on Motorways have been announced by the Road Safety minister.

Learner drivers are to be allowed to have driving lessons on motorways in an attempt to cut the death toll among novice motorists. Under the plans it will be possible for learner drivers to undergo some training on a motorway Photo

The minister announced these rule changes at an IAM event on 7 December.

A further report by David Millward, Transport Editor of The Telegraph says that the change, which will come into force next year, is intended to end the situation in which young drivers can be confronted with traffic driving at speeds of 70 mph or above without any preparation.

Addressing the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Mr Penning cited the example of his own daughter who, within minutes of having passed her test, would have been able to drive on a motorway.

The change, however, will not be made compulsory because of the difficulties learner drivers in remote areas of the country would face in finding a motorway within a reasonable distance of where they lived.

Underpinning the move is concern at the number of young drivers being killed and seriously injured on the country’s motorways.
According to figures compiled by the Department for Transport 82 drivers under 21 were involved in fatal motorway crashes between 2006 and 2010.   The initiative reflect growing ministerial concern at the current testing regime which, it is felt, does not prepare drivers for life behind the wheel

Since taking office Mr Penning has stopped driving test centres publicising the routes which will be used during the examination. He has also banned the publishing of answers to the theory test to prevent candidates learning by rote.

In a further change Mr Penning plans to ban trainee driving instructors giving lessons unless they themselves are supervised by a fully qualified colleague.

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