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9 January 2012

Those planning campaigns should look at the latest report available on the Knowledge Centre. It provides a post stage evaluation for the two THINK! campaigns measuring, the ‘Live With It’ speed campaign and the long-running Motorcycles campaign and is a valuable insight into changing attitudes.

It shows that:

  • male drivers, ABC1 drivers, drivers aged 16-29s and drivers aged 55+ and drivers without children in household were all found to be less accepting of speed limits and to be more accepting of driving over the limit.
  • Seven in ten drivers (69%) agreed that 30mph is the maximum speed at which you can drive safely in residential area – a number which is unchanged since January. Despite these high levels of agreement that 30mph is the safe limit, a lower percentage of drivers condemned driving at 35mph in a 30mph zone as dangerous driving: 56%. Therefore it seems that there is still some way to go to persuade drivers

 It also indicates that  awareness of Motorcycle safety was close to saturation point, with response to the campaign becoming more muted over time. The campaign’s ability to shock, its perceived relevance and claimed impact on driving behaviour are all now in decline.

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