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The EC approves changes to the driving licence

27 June 2012

Story from Fleet News.

The European Commission has approved plans to change the driving licence basing it on smart card technology.

The EC has agreed a set of standards allowing an array of personal data, including the licence holder’s photo, any endorsements and iris and fingerprint biometrics, to be stored on a new chipped card.

The government in the UK has already signalled its intention to bin the paper counterpart of the licence from 2015, while a driver’s address will no longer appear on the existing photocard from 2013/14.

A DVLA spokesman said, “This will mean that a driver will no longer have to return the driving licence to the DVLA when they change address or receive points.”

However, it also has implications for fleets if their current licence checking policy requires drivers to bring in the paper counterpart to be checked for endorsements. This would no longer be possible.

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