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Digital cameras increase enforcement capability

13 September 2012

The Daily Telegraph reports that more than half the safety partnerships are now installing new digital cameras, with the number set to increase by nearly 50 per cent in the next 12 months alone.

Of the 33 partnerships who responded to inquiries , 21 confirmed that they were embarking on a comprehensive renewal programme over the next two to five years, while another six are still considering their next move.

The newspaper states that digital cameras, funded by motorists attending speed awareness courses, are replacing ageing film cameras which are coming to the end of their useful life. The camera programme appears to have been rescued by the spread of speed awareness courses, which have been attended by 1.8 million motorists since January 2010. The surge comes within months of the Government announcement  that it was pushing up speeding fines from £60 to £90, a rise of 50 per cent.

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