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The latest official software for learner drivers

2 May 2013

New editions of official Driving Standards Agency (DSA) theory test software for car drivers now include more help than ever for learners preparing for their test.

The theory test is an important part of the learning to drive process. It allows candidates to demonstrate that they have a clear understanding of the rules of the road and that they recognise their responsibility as a road user. To really benefit from taking the test, candidates need to develop a deep understanding of driving theory – especially since the live test questions are no longer published.

DSA’s official publishing partner, TSO (The Stationery Office), has been working with educational specialists and subject matter experts to enhance the theory test products and develop them into valuable learning tools for car and motorcycle test candidates. Following the success of the revamped theory test books which published last autumn, the best-selling software range has also been updated. The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers DVD-ROM still includes hundreds of official theory test revision questions, covering the same topics as the actual test, but the real value comes from the background information which has been added to the study section.

Learning your way

The DVD-ROM encourages candidates to follow a three-step learning process: study, practise, test yourself. Recognising that people learn in different ways, the study section caters for different learning styles. Each section includes lots of photos and diagrams to illustrate key points, definitions to describe tricky words and top tips to highlight important information. The learning experience is multi-dimensional, with links to online videos and interactive activities where candidates can learn more and a voiceover option to help those who learn best by listening. There are also tips on how to study, aimed at providing learners with all the support they need to prepare for their test. The theory is linked back to practical driving skills, with a summary of what learners need to do, know and understand to meet the National Driving Standard for each topic and ideas for what the learner can practise and discuss with their driving instructor.

Self-assessment is made easy with clear progress tracking throughout each section. Feedback is also provided on which topics need more revision to bring the learner up to test standard and make them safe on the road. Once the learner is confident on each topic, they can take mock tests. They are just like the real thing and will give candidates an idea of whether they have the right level of knowledge and understanding for the actual test.

Alternative formats

The DVD-ROM is available as a stand alone product, compatible with both PC and Mac (ISBN 9780115532597) and is also available as part of The Official DSA Complete Theory Test Kit (ISBN 9780115532603) and The Official DSA Complete Learner Driver Pack (ISBN 9780115532627). A downloadable version is coming soon.

To find out more and to view the full range of official DSA products, visit the website.


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