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Partnership Grant Scheme

1 November 2006

A new £4million road safety scheme has been. The Road Safety Partnership Grant Scheme will provide funding to approximately 20 local highway authorities in England who are taking an innovative approach to improving road safety.

The Scheme will promote a collaborative approach to all aspects of delivering enhanced road safety. In particular it aims to encourage partnerships between traditional road safety professionals and other service providers including the education sector, the health sector, the fire service, the youth service and the voluntary sector. It also hopes to stimulate road safety schemes which produce environmental and regeneration benefits.

Applicants who wish to bid for funding are invited to apply before 2nd January 2007, with successful applicants notified by the end of March.

1) The Road Safety Partnership Grant scheme is intended to promote:

  • the establishment and sharing of sustainable good practice in road safety delivery;
  • partnership working amongst local authorities and others;
  • mainstreaming the successful activities and approaches pioneered in recent DfT road safety projects, particularly those which address the impact of disadvantage on road safety.

2) Applications will be assessed in relation to the following core criteria:

  • evidence of the road safety issue to be addressed
  • proposed objectives
  • value for money
  • monitoring/evaluation arrangements
  • evidence of the contribution of partners
  • sustainability

3) Application details can be obtained from:

Road Safety Partnership Grant Scheme, Department for Transport, Zone 2/09, Great Minster House, London SW1P 4DR. Telephone: 020 7944 2629.