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1 November 2006

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has issued new guidelines for employers to ensure technology in company vehicles is used to improve safety and not to put drivers in danger.

The Society says it is essential that managers and drivers understand what technology can and cannot do and realise the potential risks of misusing it.

The RoSPA guidance will help employers and line managers to implement policies so that: the benefits and risks of providing technology in company vehicles are properly assessed; staff are trained in its correct use; and the effects of its introduction are monitored.

With new devices being developed all the time, it is vital that employers tackle the issue, not just for company cars and vans, but also when employees use their own vehicles. Managers investigating a crash need to consider whether the misuse of in-vehicle technology may have contributed to it.  http://www.rospa.com/roadsafety/info/vehicletech.pdf

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