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London's casualties fall again

23 June 2014

The number of people killed and seriously injured (KSI) on London’s roads fell by 23% during 2013 to its lowest level since records began, according to figures released by TfL.

The total number of road casualties in London also fell by around 5%, to its lowest ever level.

The 2013 figures keep TfL firmly on track to achieve its target to reduce the number of KSIs on London’s roads by 40% by 2020 (from a 2005-09 baseline). Taking into account progress made in 2013, KSIs are currently 36% below the 2005-09 average.

There were 132 fatalities on London’s roads in 2013, the second lowest number since records began, and fatalities involving pedestrians were down from 69 in 2012 to 65 in 2013. Deaths involving powered two-wheeled riders also fell from 27 in 2012 to 22 in 2013.

While cyclist deaths remained the static at 14, there was a 27% reduction in cyclist KSIs - from 671 in 2012, to 489 in 2013.

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