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Technology puts power back in the hands of fleet managers

1 July 2006

The efficiency and sophistication of today's best fleet management systems has brought about a "quiet revolution" in the fleet industry - making it possible for many more fleets to manage everything in-house.

This has tipped the balance in favour of in-house management versus outsourcing, and as a result it comes as no surprise to many in fleet circles to learn that some 26 per cent of firms offering this 'service' are in danger of financial collapse, according to recent research*.

"Outsourcing companies have traditionally boasted two main advantages over managing things 'in-house': buying power and efficiency," says Gavin Clark, Chevin Fleet Solution's sales and marketing manager.

"But these days many fleets can achieve exactly the same buying power by joining forces with one or more other organisations. Meanwhile modern fleet management systems like our FleetWave product actually impart a high degree of expertise to even novice users, with their carefully structured sections, guiding them through a number of important areas, including compliance and duty of care.

* Source: survey of 180 fleet management companies by Plimsoll Publishing, priced £350 tel 01642 626400 or email m.aston@plimsoll.co.uk.

www.chevinfleet.com also view a three-minute video about fleet management solutions on the web at www.chevinfleet.com/movie

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