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Duty of care inspections should not be overlooked fleets are warned

14 June 2009

Longer vehicle service intervals means that fleets are exposed to increased downtime and costs, says RAC.

Following duty of care inspections of 140 fleet vehicles, the company found that 90% had one or more faults that would have either caused a breakdown, led to costly repairs, or put the driver on the wrong side of the law.

Alan Kennedy, corporate partnership manager for RAC Inspections, said: “It’s clear from our vehicle examinations that some fleets are failing to conduct adequate routine maintenance checks on vehicles, with some checking their vehicles only once a year.

“Companies should look carefully at whether procedures and policies are in place to adequately maintain a vehicle to prevent fleets incurring high costs and scrutiny from the Health and Safety Executive, should an accident occur.’”

The average age of vehicles inspected was just under two and a half years, with an average mileage of 44,000.

“Regular vehicle inspections are imperative to protect employees as well as a firm’s corporate reputation. If a vehicle doesn’t comply with the law it’s the driver who faces the penalty and the company could be exposed to negative publicity.

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