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M25 drivers put skill first in safety survey

1 July 2006

Drivers in London and the South East recognise driver ability as the key safety factor in any car journey, according to a poll* conducted by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), published as the Motor Show returns to London after almost 30 years.

The BRMB poll showed 61 per cent of drivers surveyed in and around the M25 ranked driver ability as more important in safety terms than seat belts, (34 per cent) airbags (three per cent) or speed cameras (which scored just one per cent). Another one per cent replied none of these.

But when asked "what in your opinion is the single most important safety factor in any car journey?" only 39 per cent of drivers in East Anglia put driver ability first, and in the North, just 25 per cent acknowledged the importance of driver ability.

More at: www.newspress.co.uk/DAILY_LINKS/arc_jul_2006/170706iam.htm

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