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Indic8tor HGV The Ultimate driving solution

26 March 2007

Today’s roads present an increasing threat to drivers of any type of vehicle and with new legislation looming it’s way through parliament, penalties will have an even greater  impact especially within the transport industry.  HGV speed limits differ from ordinary speed limits and police are clamping down with newer technology to detect speeding drivers. 

Indic8tor HGV has been designed and developed by ETS (European Transport Solutions) in the UK.  Possible the most useful and affordable investment in driver assistance that could be made.  The system will audibly alert a driver as to the presence of safety cameras and accident black spots across the UK.  The system detects over 10k safety cameras of all types and will let the drive know the correct speed for their vehicle on the road they travel, while approaching a safety camera or blackspot zone.

Indic8tor uses GPS technology and communicates your exact position to an inbuilt database of locations because of this many other features have been developed to assist both the driver and company.   http://indic8tor.com