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'New EyeSight' safety device

11 June 2010

Subaru has completed development of its ‘New EyeSight’ driving assist system - a unique active safety device that uses camera technology to help drivers avoid collisions - which is to be progressively rolled out across its model range.  This is one of a range of eSafety vehicle technologies that can assist the driver in case of an emergency situation by providing vital information and warnings to help avoid the situation occurring in the first place.

Using two forward-facing cameras mounted either side of the rear-view mirror, ‘New EyeSight’ incorporates a ‘pre-collision braking control’ feature, which sounds an alarm to warn the driver of a potential collision with a vehicle in front.

If the speed difference between the driver’s vehicle and that in front is below 30 km/h, and if there is no action taken by the driver, the system will also automatically slow or stop the car in order to avoid a collision or minimise damage.