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Drivers' Give-away For Summer Get-away

20 July 2007

As the peak summer gets away on the roads approaches, casualty reduction chiefs are warning drivers: this is the time of year when most road crashes happen.

Analysis of collision statistics shows that 84% happen in summer weather, 75% in broad daylight and 69% when the road surface is dry. Only 12% happen in wintry conditions such as when it’s wet or windy, or in snow, fog or mist.

With this in mind, West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership has published The Safer Driver’s Pocket Companion with “10 top tips for long car journeys”.

“Driving on congested roads for long periods can be a very stressful experience. Observing a few simple “rules” can help ensure a more relaxed – and probably safer – journey,” explains partnership spokesperson Philip Gwynne.

The Safer Driver’s Pocket Companion also contains: “7 simple tips that will ‘guarantee’ you’ll never get a speeding ticket”, plus a useful reminder of what the speed limits are for different vehicles on UK roads. It includes a map to show whereabouts there are fixed roadside safety cameras across West Yorkshire, along with a printed list of the individual road lengths.

The Safer Driver’s Pocket Companion is the latest addition to the partnership’s Glove Box Buddy range of driver education & safety aids and is available FREE of charge on a first come-first served basis...because supplies are limited….by applying to West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership, Flockton House, Flockton Road, Bradford BD4 7RY or via the website www.safetycameraswestyorkshire.co.uk