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Prince Michael Premier Road Safety Award

12 December 2007

Congratulations to The London Road Safety Unit – Winners of The Prince’s Premier Award announced yesterday:

Following the publication of the Mayor’s Road Safety Plan, the London Road Safety Unit was formed in November 2003 to coordinate road safety activities in London .

Killed and seriously injured (KSI) in London have fallen from 5650 in 2002 to 3946 in 2006 - a 30% reduction in 4 years.

There is a strong commitment in London to reduce road collisions. The Road Safety Plan commits budgets and resources through to 2010 and the strong cross party political support, keeps the issue in the public and political eye.

The LRSU is also very aware of the value of getting positive coverage for road safety and share the long term aim to get society to understand the problem, and to make speeding as anti-social and unacceptable as drink driving.

While good results have been achieved using tried and trusted methods, the unit is investing heavily in new technology which provides the opportunity for new measures ; in particular time-distance cameras and intelligent speed limiters in vehicles.

More details can be found on the TFL website and the Road Safety Awards website.