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Speed Management Manual

25 June 2008

The management of speed remains one of the biggest challenges facing road safety practitioners around the world which can only be met by a concerted, long-term, multidisciplinary response. A new 'how to do' manual published today by a collaboration of leading agencies committed to reducing death and injury on the roads of developing countries advocates a strong and strategic approach to creating a safe road system, with speed management at its heart.

Many low and middle-income countries have a serious, and in some cases worsening, road safety problem. This manual provides advice and guidance for policy-makers and road safety practitioners in these countries and draws on the experience of a number of countries that have already initiated speed management programmes. Lessons from successful and non-successful initiatives are used to illustrate the advice provided.

The 'easy to use' manual consists of a series of 'how to' modules drawn on case studies from around the world to illustrate examples of 'good practice'. It is hoped that the modular structure of the manual means it can be read and easily adapted to suit the problems and needs of individual countries.

The manual published earlier this year by gTKP partner GRSP is is available in PDF format for download here