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New manual supports the Safe System

18 February 2016

A comprehensive new Road Safety Manual was launched by the World Road Association (PIARC) at the World Road Congress in Seoul in November 2015.

The focus of the manual is on guiding the management of the safe planning, design, operation, and use of road networks in low, middle and high-income countries. The manual provides information on the effective management of road safety infrastructure. It includes new thinking on road safety and offers a clear argument on why adopting a Safe System approach is crucial for all countries. Elected officials, political appointees, road safety practitioners, health professionals, transportation engineers, and planners will all benefit from using it.

The new manual has been developed as a complete update and redesign of the first edition which was published in 2003 to align it with Decade of Action objectives and the Safe System approach to managing safety. It brings together PIARC’s own guidance and that produced by other international organisations. The manual is designed to be a comprehensive, state-of-the-art international reference document and a ‘living’ tool that can assist all countries in fulfilling key objectives. The focus is on guiding the management of the safe planning, design, operation and use of the road network in low, middle and high-income countries. The manual highlights effective management and policy frameworks, technical references and provides overall guidance on the management of interventions to achieve results.

It is a helpful resource for professionals at all levels and can be downloaded here



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