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New Web sites for Professionals in the Developing World

21 July 2008

RoadSafe is working with gTKP and iRAP to make the best information rapidly available to professionals across the world.

Sixteen new pages with rapid access to the best available sources of road safety knowledge is now available on the gTKP web site. For rapid access to the best available knowledge click here.

Toolkit designed for use by all road safety professionals to assist with the development of programmes of road safety measures within a prioritised action programmes was launched in London on 4 July.

It provides valuable information that will assist in the choice of effective ways to reduce road traffic injuries. Whilst it can be used on its own to select measures to address specific problems that have been identified, it is not a substitute for the more systematic approach to road safety management and casualty reduction.

RoadSafe provides the Road Safety theme champion for The global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP)- a platform for making effective use of the best available transport knowledge and facilitating strong participation from developing and transition countries.