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RoadSafe at the ADB Transport Forum

24 September 2008

RoadSafe makes an important contribution to international knowledge sharing by providing the Road Safety theme champion for gTKP.

As part of its capacity building programme we led a session at the recent ADB Transport Forum attended by over eighty road safety professionals from Asia. Speakers included Alex Roerhl from UNESCAP who explained the safety action plan for the Asian Highway, Rob McInerney from iRAP Asia explained his rapidly growing programme and launched The Road Safety Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to assist with the development of programmes of road safety measures within a prioritised action programme. It provides valuable information that will assist in the choice of effective ways to reduce road traffic injuries.

Rob Klein from GRSP Asia explained the value and roll out of the Good Practice Manuals. He highlighted the speed management manual, developed and published as part of the work of the UN Road Safety Collaboration.