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New plan to improve safety for Motorcyclists

25 July 2008

Plans to tackle the numbers of motorcyclists killed or injured on Britain 's roads were published today by Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick.

The new Motorcycling Strategy Action Plan - agreed with the National Motorcycle Council - sets out what the Government will do to improve safety for motorcyclists and to continue to facilitate motorcycling as a choice of travel.

Updated actions in the new plan include building on initial work to identify the feasibility of a motorcycle safety assessment programme, in particular, looking at the safety benefit to motorcyclists offered by new technologies and the potential for including security and environmental aspects. We will also investigate reporting options for diesel spills and other highway defects, and disseminate options for tackling diesel spills. Since the strategy was

The 42 new actions update those in the 2005 Strategy. Some of the original actions have been completed, others are ongoing, many have developed over time and been revised to reflect the latest progress, while some new issues have arisen requiring new actions.

The revised action plan for the Government's Motorcycling Strategy is available on the DFT web site.