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New THINK! motorcycle safety toolkit

24 March 2016

As part of its motorcycling campaign which will run from March – September, THINK! has produce a new motorcycle safety toolkit.

The campaign will run from the THINK! BIKER Facebook channel and will encourage motorcyclists to:

  • Sign up to extra training
  • Reduce their speed on country roads
  • Wear the correct protective safety gear – in all weather conditions

Motorcyclists account for a tiny percentage of road traffic in Great Britain (1% in 2014) but are the most at-risk user group. In 2014, there were 339 fatalities and 5,289 seriously injured casualties. THINK! is targeting the 30-59 years category because in 2014 some 59% of all motorcyclist fatalities were in this age range.

THINK! will also be encouraging drivers to look out for motorcyclists at junctions via the THINK! Twitter and THINK! Facebook channels.


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