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Vaccines for Roads

18 August 2008

Many countries' road designs are outdated and unsuitable for the mix of traffic and types of vehicles used today.

In July 2008, iRAP launched the report “Vaccines for Roads - The new iRAP tools and their pilot application” at the Making Roads Safe: International Conference on Road Infrastructure Safety.

The report describes the development of new inspection tools and the results from their pilot application over 10,000km in four countries - South Africa, Malaysia, Chile and Costa Rica. More at ...

Click here to download the report (pdf) from the iRAP website (www.irap.net).

If you have your own distribution channels that may be appropriate for this report, please let iRAP know by emailing Suzy Charman.

Also launched at this event was a new road safety toolkit developed by iRAP, ARRB in association with gTKP. This easy to use resource can be easily accessed via the gTKP web site.