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Hitachi issues advice to ensure driving licence validity

22 August 2008

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions has issued a 10-point plan to help fleet managers ensure they are not at risk from drivers using such counterfeit licences.

The Police National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service recently warned that high-quality fake driving licences were in circulation. It suggested that is anyone was suspicious about the validity of a licence then checks should be undertaken with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

However, Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions is recommending that additional measures are put in place to fully protect businesses from any potential prosecution caused by aiding and abetting an offence.

Jon Lawes, divisional managing director at Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Services, said: “Forgery is a growing concern in the fleet management sector, and we want to help businesses to ensure they are fully protected from the risks associated with drivers using fake licences.”

Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Services advises:

  • Ensure all drivers sign a mandate that says they consent to DVLA licence checks on a regular basis
  • Make reference to DVLA checks in terms of employment to avoid any ambiguity
  • Conduct DVLA checks on any drivers not directly employed by, but working for, the company and ensure they are informed of the procedure
  • State within the company car policy that a full, valid licence is a requirement and that failure to hold one will result in disciplinary proceedings
  • Check convictions obtained in the UK by drivers with foreign licences
  • Inform drivers that any points incurred under company business may result in additional driver training
  • Compare accident reports, service reports and driver data to prevent future incidents
  • Ensure that those drivers whose licences confirm eyesight correction have access to regular eye tests
  • Record convictions that occur in company cars on driver records. Employees should also be required to declare any points on a monthly basis as part of their expenses claim.
  • Maintain an audit trail of checks, results and any concerns.

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