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African Ministers call for Decade of Action for road safety

11 July 2009

Ministers, high level government officials and road safety activists from across Africa have pledged support for a UN Decade of Action for Road Safety on their continent and around the world.

The pan - African conference met in Dar es Salaam Tanzania , on 8 July 2009. It was followed immediately by a workshop “Setting Road Safety Targets: A Way Forward for Reducing Accident Fatalities by Half by 2015” as part of a gTKP supported UN Development project Improving Global Road Safety: setting regional and national road traffic casualty reduction targets, to assist African countries to develop regional and national road traffic casualty reduction targets and provide them with examples of good road safety practice in setting up and monitoring these targets.

Attended by more than 150 delegates from across the continent, representing 30 nationa were assisted by many leading experts from international institutions as they decided on actions to be taken by African countries leading up to the UN Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety to be held in Moscow from 19-20 November 2009 as they prepared for a ‘decade of action’.