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Safety and Sustainability Conference - Wednesday 11 March 2009

18 December 2008

Improving safety and increasing sustainability are clear priorities for transport policy. We want a transport system that is safe for its users, however they choose to travel. In addition, in response to both the Stern and Eddington reviews, the government places a high priority on reducing the contribution of transport to climate change.

These two policy priorities are not necessarily in conflict. Yet they may not always act in absolute harmony. If we encourage cycling or walking without putting in additional measures to make these modes safer, we may run the risk of seeing casualties rise. Is this a trade-off that we are prepared to make in the interests of climate change or in the long term health benefits of those who choose a more environmentally friendly mode?

The aim of this conference is to explore the opportunities to! make safety and sustainability complementary approaches. How can we create environments that will encourage people to walk and cycle? Can business travel become both safe and sustainable? Can we identify the policy trade-offs that we may need to make and decide which should take priority?

The speakers at this conference come from local authorities, the private sector, consultants and user groups. They will each bring a specific perspective to the debate which is vital to help develop a safe, sustainable transport system.

For more information visit www.pacts.org.uk/events.php