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Business worries drive motorists to use their phones

11 February 2009

Business worries could be leading drivers to using their phones in the car even though they know it puts them at higher risk of an accident, according to a new survey.

Some 62% of motorists who took part in a national survey carried out by the technology company 3M realise that talking on a hands-free phone makes a crash more likely.

And more than a quarter of the drivers said they knew of somebody who had had an accident or a near miss while using a hands-free phone in the car.

But six out of 10 fear that if they stopped talking on the move it could have a negative effect on their business. Some 21% believe they have to be contactable at all times.

The 3M Survey of 1638 drivers from across the UK 1,048 of whom who use their cars on business, after banning its own 4,000 UK and Ireland employees from using hands-free mobiles while driving. While it is against the law use a hand-held phone while driving, the use of hands-free phones is allowed.