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New legislation to trigger telematics demand

11 February 2009

Fleet tracking and telematics services provider Cybit expects increased corporate interest in its technology as a result of the new Health and Safety (Offences) Act.

The Act came into force last month. Under the legislation, employees, managers and company directors who fail to demonstrate compliance with health and safety regulations could now be subject to large fines and, in severe cases, a jail sentence of up to two years.

Cybit says an increasing number of companies are looking to new technology in order to monitor their workforce.

John Wisdom, sales and marketing director, said: “The legislation will trigger further interest in the role of telematics in relation to work-related road safety, for example assisting companies to manage their compliance by providing remote visibility and data on driver behaviour.

“The Act will impose more harsh penalties for organisations and individuals that fail to take appropriate steps to manage work related road safety.

“Studies show that whilst almost all organisations have policies in place in relation to health and safety, nearly four out of five companies have no method of formally monitoring these policies for employees driving on company business.”

Cybit has published a white paper highlighting the impact of the Act on business and individuals. It can be downloaded from the company’s website, www.cybit.co.uk.