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Arco introduces a safer way to keep in touch

8 May 2009

Arco, the UK’s leading supplier of safety clothing and equipment, have banned the use of mobile phones and all hands free technology while driving. The move comes after the HSE survey which revealed that one in three tradesmen had risked their safety by answering a mobile phone whilst at the wheel.

The company's directors are keen to ensure the safety of their staff, particularly the field-based staff who spend much of their time travelling on the road to support and advise customers. Furthermore, the directors have urged other organisations to follow suit and implement similar initiatives as part of their work related road safety policies.

Arco's campaign is supported by Judith Hackitt, Chair, Health and Safety Executive who says: "This is a good example of leadership in action. A company whose business is health and safety needs to lead by example with its own workforce."

RoadSafe is also supportive of this move and has long supported the research conducted by TRL (www.trl.co.uk) which shows the risks of mobile phone use on the road, even with hands free devices. www.directline.com/about_us/news_230207