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Help needed for Driving for Work focus groups

23 June 2009

TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), in juncuntion with TfL (Transport for London), are currently offering individuals £35 to take part in two discussion groups on the subject of driving for work. The discussion groups will be with line managers and drivers from London-based organisations. They would greatly appreciate it if you could inform your staff of this, and encourage them to take part.

The focus groups are taking place on the 30th June (for line managers) and 2nd July (for drivers), between 6.30-8.30pm, near London Bridge. Participants will receive a payment of £35 for their time, and refreshments will be provided. The groups will consist of 6-8 people.

‘Drivers’ include anyone who drives for work at least occasionally, in their own vehicle or in a company vehicle. Driving does not need to be their principal job role. ‘Line managers’ include anyone with responsibility for staff who drive for work. The line manager does not need to drive for work, but they do need to be responsible for at least one individual who drives for work (again, not necessarily as their main job role). Anything said in the groups will remain entirely confidential, and participants will not be asked to disclose their employer to other group members.

Discussion will focus on work-related driving, policies and practices, safety culture, and management of safety. The groups are a good opportunity for participants to network with individuals from other London-based organisations, and to hear about how other organisations deal with work-related road safety. There can be a maximum of one driver and one line manager from each organisation.

To take part or to obtain more information, please contact Emma Delmonte (edelmonte@trl.co.uk; 01344770503) or Jenny Stannard (jstannard@trl.co.uk; 01344770255)