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PACTS: UK road safety and Brexit

01 November 2016 Church House Westminster

The PACTS conference "UK roadsafety and Brexit" will have two main themes.

1. The British Road Safety Statement. Almost one year ago the UK Government published Working together to build a safer road system – British Road Safety Statement. This has an ambitious list of policy initiatives to deliver casualty reductions every year. The conference will show which themes are emerging as Government priorities, the programme of actions that are planned to 2020 and where other organisations can contribute to its “working together” theme, which includes the public, private and third sectors.

Conference presentations will cover priority actions for:

  • safer road users
  • safer roads
  • safer vehicles

2. Brexit and road safety. The UK is on a path to leave the EU. What are the implications, risks and opportunities for road safety in the UK and for the UK’s contribution to road safety across Europe? With a focus on the period to 2020, the conference will address:

Areas of EU and UK competency regarding road safety

Areas most likely to be affected by Brexit

How other non-EU European countries, such as Norway and Switzerland, approach these issues and relate to the EU

The Government’s position

The perspectives of European partners

How the EU and European institutions will deal with the UK

The conference will be one of the first opportunities – perhaps the first – to explore these important road safety topics. By November there should be some growing clarity on these issues, and not merely questions. Delegates will have plenty of opportunity to question and contribute as well as to hear from expert speakers from the UK and other parts of Europe.

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