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Road Safety Support International (RSSi) recognised for the prestigous Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade

25 July 2017

The organisation, which started just ten years ago is based in the UK. It specialises in the development of international road safety strategies and training; with a particular focus on the enforcement element of road safety improvements.

Although a small organisation with staff numbering around 20, RSSi have assisted a number of organisations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia to develop robust and effective road safety strategies that supports communities.

RSSi’s recent work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Victoria, Australia were two projects of note, leading to a large increase in overseas trade. Working with the Department of International Trade RSSi have developed a unique market identification tool that helped direct them towards new opportunities.

Trevor Hall, Managing Director and a director of RoadSafe said, “We are delighted that the hard work, dedication and commitment of our staff has been recognised. Each individual who works for RSSi has one focus; that is to reduce the number of people being killed needlessly on the roads. To each of us, this is more than just a job, keeping people safe on the roads is something we truly care about. By working with and supporting police forces, government and third sector organisations both nationally and internationally; ultimately we are supporting people and communities.”

Mr Hall is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading independent experts on road safety, enforcement and technology and is a special advisor to the US Government on highway safety and enforcement issues.

Adam Briggs, Director commented, “The Queen’s Awards scheme is regarded as the most prestigious business awards in the country and we are thrilled that the work of RSSi has been recognised in this way. This is a rewarding job, though at times it can be difficult, especially when talking to those who have lost loved ones in road collisions. It is a pleasure to work with such committed people and winning this award is a tribute to that commitment.”


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