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Speeding still the largest motoring-related offence

1 October 2015

Story from the IAM.

The numbers of those found guilty have risen sharply in the past 12 months – from 115,935 to 148,426, an increase of 28% which is the highest number since 2005. 

The next highest offence where defendants were found guilty was vehicle insurance-related crimes, although the percentage has fallen dramatically since 2004. Some 118,254 people were found guilty in court of this, which is 7% up on 2013 but 84% down on a decade ago, when 218,142 were found guilty.

The figures, obtained by the IAM from the Ministry of Justice, also show that vehicle registration and excise duty offences and driving with alcohol in the blood above the legal limit are both offences that have fallen in huge numbers in the past ten years. 

The top five list of offences where offenders are found guilty in court is as follows:

  • Speed limit offences/146,161/115,935/148,426/28%/2%   
  • Vehicle insurance offences/218,142/110,843/118,254/7%/-84%    
  • Failing to supply information as to identity of driver when require /not applicable/50,687/54,372/7%/not applicable
  • Vehicle registration and excise licence offences/192,959/55,182/46,636/-15%/-314%
  • Driving with alcohol in the blood above the prescribed limit/74,055/40,683/37,853/-7%/-96%

Sarah Sillars, IAM Chief Executive Officer, said, “We can see from these figures that as the UK comes out of recession traffic levels have risen, speeding appears to be becoming more prevalent and regrettably casualties are rising again. The government and police forces cannot afford to take their eye off the ball and more visible policing is, in our view, the key way to ensure that people don’t think they can get away with speeding.

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