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The CAV Safety Hub

1 October 2019

While road safety practitioners are aware of the future development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV), there is a poor level of understanding of their likely contribution to improved safety.

The objective of the project is to increase the awareness in the road safety community of the value of emerging technologies, aimed at not only assisting the driver but also increasingly capable of carrying out parts of the driving function and accelerating consumer demand for safer vehicles.

Building on the knowledge available through the work of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), other agencies and from industry, this project aims to improve the understanding of the road safety practitioner community of the effectiveness of advanced safety technologies becoming available and being trialed as autonomous vehicles are being developed for our roads. The connectivity of future vehicles with their environments and each other has the potential to improve road safety and reduce congestion and emissions, but there are challenges associated with minimizing driver distraction and providing harmonized solutions. This project also aims to remove myths and provide clear information through an interactive program of awareness.

The program will provide valuable insights into how CAVs operate and how they interact with other road users. At the same time it will promote a better understanding of the increasing levels of technology aimed at assisting the driver, but also increasingly capable of carrying out parts of the driving function in new vehicles, sold over time.

For useful information and knowledge, please access the website here.