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Volvo Cars joins pan-European safety data sharing project

5 June 2019

Story from Fleet News.

Volvo Cars has joined a pan-European pilot project to share traffic safety data generated by cars and infrastructure aimed at improving road safety.

It joins other carmakers, service providers and national governments in the European Data Task Force.

This sees participants share anonymised safety data or safety services based on that data with the pilot via a cloud-based platform.

Malin Ekholm, head of the Volvo Cars Safety Centre, said, “The more vehicles we have sharing safety data in real time, the safer our roads become.

“That is why the European Data Task Force is such an important initiative. We hope to bring on board even more partners who share our commitment to safety.”

Volvo Cars will contribute to the pilot project by providing real-time data from its connected safety technologies, Hazard Light Alert and Slippery Road Alert.

For example, participating carmakers can use the data to warn drivers of potential dangers on the road ahead, while service providers can deliver this data via their live traffic services and to traffic services operated by national road authorities.