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YOURS 'Youth Stars' programme in collaboration with iRAP and FedEx

6 August 2019

YOURS has teamed up with the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) to create a new 'Youth Stars' programme, sponsored by FedEx. The three year programme will see a group of 5 Master Trainers from around the world be trained on the principles of the new 'Star Rating for Schools' methodology pioneered by iRAP. Youth Stars is a programme which will expand across the world with the potential to save young lives around universities and schools.

The Youth Stars programme is an opportunity for YOURS Master Trainers to be trained on a powerful road safety approach; Star Rating for Schools.

This Youth Stars programme will equip our 5 Master Trainers with the skills to rate school zones. We want to take school zones to a minimum 3* rating which can significantly improve road safety around schools and for all society. The star rating approach is evidence based and lifesaving and our Master Trainers will be to equipped the skills and knowledge to undertake star assessments in their local area, and support our group of Coalition Partners in the coming year.