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Star Rating for Schools Global App

1 September 2017

iRAP Star Rating for Schools Global App is the first ever systematic evidence-based approach for analysing the risk in roads around schools.

This easy-to-use universal application is a low-cost way to support quick interventions that start saving lives and preventing serious injuries from day one.

In a few days' time, road safety experts from 15 countries around the world will get together at FedEx's headquarters in Memphis, USA, for a key landmark in the Star Rating for Schools project.

During a two week capacity building programme, the delegates will road test the beta model of the app which will help in delivering safer journeys to school for children worldwide. The delegates will find out how the app works and give their feedback and input. Crucially, they will try out the app in a real-life environment on a field visit to a school in Memphis led by iRAP's Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Julio Urzua.

In parallel with the technical development, Julio and Shane have been building the worldwide networks of partners and stakeholders who are going to be so important in ensuring that Star Rating for Schools is made available to as many schools as possible around the world. These grassroots networks are vital in ensuring that the available resources of NGOs and government agencies can be targeted to locations where they will make the greatest difference.

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