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Beyond the stars: the facts behind ANCAP.

18 April 2020

Story by James Goodwin, Chief Executive, ANCAP Safety.

Each year we go 'beyond the stars' to take a look at the facts and figures that sit behind the work we do at ANCAP Safety. The costs, the collaboration and the consumer engagement.

The production of a simple star rating sounds relatively easy, but a lot goes on to make sure our star ratings reflect the safety performance of vehicles and acknowledge the significant advancements being made by vehicle manufacturers to ensure their vehicles meet 5 star standards. Most importantly, we do what we do to ensure consumers can use our ratings to empower their vehicle choices.

37 vehicle models received ANCAP safety ratings in the past financial year, covering 205 variants. These new ratings cost more than $18 million to produce and represent 11% of new light vehicle sales.

A record 96% of new vehicles sold in Australia and New Zealand held an ANCAP rating. Encouragingly, 92% were five star, 3% were four star, and less than 1% were three stars or less.

We saw record investment from the Australian automotive industry to support ANCAP tests with $3.62 million in vehicles and test costs covered by vehicle brands.

Informing and educating is key to a safer community - a consideration that is front-of-mind in current times. Consumer awareness increased with 75% of Australian new car buyers and 63% of New Zealand buyers aware of ANCAP. It is great to see that awareness is highest amongst our most inexperienced drivers with 83% of 18-24 year olds aware of ANCAP.

We produced our first national television commercial, airing with a reach of almost 16 million. Social media engagement was up across all platforms, and the highest number of hits to our website was when UBER Australia announced its policy on 5 star vehicles.

ANCAP’s ability to influence market change and improve the safety of our vehicle fleet is a direct result of the continued support received from our member organisations and partners.

As I depart ANCAP I want to thank the dedicated staff, members and stakeholders for their ongoing commitment to safer vehicles and the support and encouragement they have provided to me.

For a complete look at all the facts and figures, go beyond the stars at ancap.com.au/facts.

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