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Knowledge Centres

RoadSafe supports and contributes to a number of Knowledge Centres which highlight good practice and research-based evidence: They are:

The Road Safety Observatory

The Road Safety Observatory. . This site aims to provide easy access to independent road safety research and information for anyone working in road safety and for members of the public, thus improving the consistency and effectiveness of road safety delivery.


gTKP (global Transport Knowledge Practice), an innovative partnership of global organisations.

The Road Safety Toolkit

The Road Safety Toolkit which builds on decades of road safety research and whose toolkit provides free information on the causes and prevention of road crashes that cause death and injury.

The Road Safety Knowledge Centre

The Road Safety Knowledge Centre where GB casualty reduction professionals share expertise and experience.


Older Mobility Knowledge Platform delivers a digital platform which shares a best practice review of road safety risks for older road users.

Some of the most widely known Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – many of which will become mandatory in new vehicles from July 2022 – include adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking systems, lane keeping assist and driver monitoring for drowsiness and distraction recognition. The ADAS Knowledge Hub explains these technologies.

The CAV Safety Hub aims to increase the awareness in the road safety community of the value of emerging technologies, aimed at not only assisting the driver but also increasingly capable of carrying out parts of the driving function and accelerating consumer demand for safer vehicles.



Driving for Better Business

A free to access programme, delivered in partnership  to help employers in the private and public sectors reduce work-related road risk, protecting staff who drive or ride for work, and others with whom they may share the road.