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The Safe System

Human beings can make mistakes. It is a shared responsibility for us to take appropriate actions to ensure that road crashes do not lead to serious or fatal injuries.

Road safety management

Effective delivery can be best achieved through the good coordination of activities delivered by multi-sectoral partnerships under the direction of lead agencies.

Safer roads

Road networks need to be designed for the benefit of all road users, achieved through assessment, planning, design, construction and operation of roads.

Safer vehicles

Improved vehicle safety technologies for both passive and active safety can be a highly effective way of reducing casualties.

Safer road users

Comprehensive programmes to improve road user behaviour are essential, accompanied by laws, standards, public awareness and education.

Post-crash response

Authorities must increase responsiveness to post-crash emergencies and improve the ability of health and other systems to provide appropriate treatment for victims.

Knowledge Centres

RoadSafe supports and contributes to four Knowledge Centres.

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Campaigns & Programmes

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RoadSafe is acknowledged as a leading forum for promoting and devising solutions to road safety problems.

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European Road Safety Charter

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