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Finland Wins European Transport Safety Council’s Road Safety Prize for 2024

19 June 2024 – Finland is the recipient of the 2024 European Transport Safety Council prize for outstanding progress in road safety. 

Status Summary Reports

18 June 2024 – Comprehensive Status Summary Reports to inform decision-making, to encourage evidence-based interventions,

Road Safety Reporting Competition and Awards

17 June 2024 – The Road Safety Reporting Competition and Awards aims to help journalists produce stories that shine a light on road crash deaths and injuries in some of the hardest-hit countries.

Inaugural Winners of Excellence in Road Safety Awards

14 June 2024 – Bloomberg Philanthropies recognized the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina; Secretariat of Mobility in Bogotá, Colombia; National Road Safety Observatory in Tunisia; and Pleiku City, Viet Nam as the inaugural winners of the Awards for Excellence in Road Safety for their work to identify and promote exemplary road safety efforts.

Distracted Driving

14 June 2024 – Drivers are up to four times more likely to get in an accident using their smartphone while driving. The FIA Region I Road Safety Campaign calls for reflection on mobile distraction while driving.

Major Advancement in Global Road Safety

14 June 2024 – In a landmark move, the World Bank has established a dedicated Road Safety Unit, making it the first multilateral development bank (MDB) to do so. This development underscores the World Bank's unwavering commitment to addressing the global road safety crisis.

Enabling safe adoption of automated vehicles through best practice

12 June 2024 – Self-driving technologies are advancing daily with a rapidly increasing number of trials and operational deployments of CAVs across the world.

Focus on the system not the indicidual

10 June 2024 – It is time for us to stop expecting behaviour change interventions focused on individuals to solve everything in road safety. It is the system that needs change.

Heavy Truck safety rating tests revealed at NCAP24

10 June 2024 – Euro NCAP reveals details of the first ever Heavy Truck safety rating tests at NCAP24.

Be A Sport, Check Your Tyres Campaign

10 June 2024 – TyreSafe has announced the launch of its Be a Sport, Check Your Tyres campaign. This initiative encourages road users to adopt the mindset of elite athletes by emphasising the importance of preparation for peak performance—specifically, in maintaining their tyres.

Funding to address inequalities in road safety

10 June 2024 – The Road Safety Trust announces funding to address inequalities in road safety

Blue Light Aware Resources

6 June 2024 – GEM Motoring Assist has added three new videos to its Blue Light Aware resource, to illustrate specific situations where different road users could be confused by emergency vehicles.