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Managing risk in the work-place when work is a vehicle

24 March 2023 – Around 120,000 HR and Health & Safety professionals will be out in force in Birmingham at the Health and Safety Event. This is where the biggest work-place risk – driving for work - will be explored.

Technologies delivering the Safe System

22 March 2023 – Increasing connectivity and other mobile technologies create new opportunities as well as challenges that require assessment and updating of policies, regulations, and traffic laws.

UK Defence Forces Road Safety Strategy

21 March 2023 – The UK Ministry of Defence Road Safety Strategy is the first pan-Defence approach to keeping its people and other road users safe and represents a long-term commitment to ending the toll of armed forces deaths from road traffic collisions.

European Commission adopts guidelines to improve vehicle inspections

21 March 2023 – The European Commission today published a recommendation to improve the periodical technical inspection of vehicles. With road transport being the largest source of air pollution in cities, accurate testing is key to ensure that vehicles are in line with emission standards throughout their lifetime.

Global Road Safety Week 15-21 May

21 March 2023 – All road safety and sustainable mobility partners are invited to mark the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week by organizing events and activities and sharing messages and materials on social media

Prince Michael International Awards - Nominations

21 March 2023 – Nominations close at the end of May so any team, public or private sector organisation, government department, or business. wishing to be considered for an award should submit their nomination

Speed Management Hub updated

21 March 2023 – A cross-cutting risk factor, speeding is addressed under various components of the Safe System such as multimodal transport and land use planning, infrastructure, vehicle design and road user behaviour.

New Seat Belt Manual Launched

17 March 2023 – New guidance issued to boost the use of life-saving safety restraints in vehicles

Free Van Driver Toolkit Toolbox Talk videos launched

17 March 2023 – Following the runaway success of its free, multi award-winning Van Driver Toolkit, National Highways has a series of “Toolbox Talks” – short, easy to follow videos, available through its Driving for Better Business programme – to help the growing number of organisations to educate their drivers who use light commercial vehicles.

Global Safer Roads Resources shared:

16 March 2023 – Global Safer Roads Resources shared: Connecting Project directories, data platforms, policies, innovation and capacity building for benefit of all

European Commission proposes updated requirements for driving licences and better cross-border enforcement of road traffic rules

13 March 2023 – The European Commission has presented proposals to modernise driving licence rules, including the introduction of a digital driving licence valid throughout the EU, and new provisions to facilitate the enforcement of traffic rules across borders. More than 20,000 lives were lost on EU roads last year and the majority of victims were pedestrians, cyclists and users of scooters and motorbikes.