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Pandemic and recovery

7 May 2021 – Pandemic and recovery: what are the implications for road safety?

Global Street Design Guide

7 May 2021 – Global Street Design Guide (GSDG) offers technical details to inform street design that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders. The guide includes real-world examples of street and intersection transformations that improve road safety as well as the overall efficiency of urban streets.

Post-Crash Response Toolkit

7 May 2021 – EASST and EBRD launch Toolkit to enhance effectiveness of post-crash emergency response in low and middle income countries

e-Scooter Update

5 May 2021 – A decision on the use of e-scooters, which have been trialled in 50 cities across the UK since last summer, is reportedly unlikely to be made until they have been tested in London.

Young Driver Focus report

5 May 2021 – Young Driver Focus scheduled to be held in London this year had to be postponed however the organisers didn’t want to wait until 2022 to share this knowledge.

Seven Years of achievement - Australia's National Road Safety Partnership Programme

1 May 2021 – The programme has grown and continues to champion workplace road safety by sharing practice based evidence from our partners.

How many road deaths is too many?

1 May 2021 – A discussion paper highlighting the benefits to carrying out analyses at smaller geographic levels are considered, especially in cases where priorities for a city may not directly align with the priorities for the country.

Enhancing iRAP investment plans for vulnerable road users

29 April 2021 – The project will provide Local Authorities with a specialist resource to help understand the risks to vulnerable road users in towns and cities. It will also help Local Authorities to understand the benefits of introducing different traffic measures to their urban areas to improve the environment for these users.

Free Work-Related Road Safety Resources

28 April 2021 – A comprehensive range of helpful resources to help those who manage drivers to deliver enhanced safety and productivity has been updated and improved.

Government to allow use of “self-driving” tech on UK roads this year.

28 April 2021 – The Government has confirmed it will legalise the use of “self-driving” driver assistance systems before the end of the year.

Global Road Safety Week 17-23 May

28 April 2021 – Central to the publicity during the UN Road Safety Week 17 - 23 May is the Streets for life: why #love30?campaign.

TyreSafe Briefing: September 2021

28 April 2021 – This year’s TyreSafe Briefing will take place on Thursday 23rd of September at 2pm.