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Behavioural insights - the impact of changing current MOT requirements

28 February 2024 – This TRL report details the work and findings of the behavioural insights investigation undertaken as part of a wider project investigating the impact of making changes to the current MOT system in the UK.

Are your drivers mentally ready to control a vehicle today?

28 February 2024 – Driving for Better Business asks "Are your drivers mentally ready to control a vehicle today"?

Safe Driving With Hearing Loss

28 February 2024 – This guide explores the challenges of driving with age-related hearing loss and its impact on driver safety.

Achieving greater and more varied on-road practice when learning to drive

28 February 2024 – These project findings will inform National Highways specifically around the use of the strategic road network in achieving a more varied driving experience in the learner phase.

Running a Safe Fleet

27 February 2024 – This report on running a safe fleet looks at how to create a safety culture and implement a driver behaviour programme, as well as tackle root causes of incidents.

‘UnXpected FM’, the new THINK Campaign

27 February 2024 – A new digital audio advert featuring BBC and Netflix TV stars is being launched for a new THINK! campaign, encouraging young drivers to watch their speed.

National Highways extends safety trial

26 February 2024 – A trial of new mobile technology which can automatically detect motorists who are not wearing a seatbelt or using mobile phones while driving is being extended with police across the country taking part.

Sentencing Council launches new consultation

22 February 2024 – The Sentencing Council has launched a consultation on new and revised motoring-related guidelines.

Safer Journeys Ahead

22 February 2024 – A new report presents the findings of Safer Journeys Ahead, a project created and designed by Norfolk County Council (NCC) – with the additional support of funding granted by The Road Safety Trust.

Warwickshire release new 2024 BikeSafe dates

22 February 2024 – The ever popular BikeSafe workshop, the UK’s No 1 police-led motorcycle safety initiative is back in Warwickshire for 2024 with 92 spaces available over 14 Sundays from April to October.

Government study on driverless cars and road safety

19 February 2024 – A new government study will examine how driverless cars and commercial vehicles could improve road safety and reduce congestion across the UK.

RoadSafe Technology Live 2024

19 February 2024 – RoadSafe Technology Live brings together a network of businesses that align with the vision for the ‘Safe System Approach’ with vehicle and road safety technology in mind. This is a unique opportunity for industry leaders to network and demonstrate the benefits of advanced technologies in the automotive and highways industries.