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Distracted driving: a safety guide for responsible young drivers

10 August 2022 – A new guide from Comparethemarket aims to highlight and provide guidance on how to identify and tackle driving distractions, as well as taking a detailed look at the impact they can have on British roads.

Technology for the Safe System - Webinar Series

4 August 2022 – Technology for the Safe System - webinar series returns in September

Increasing dashcam evidence used by police

4 August 2022 – The police can’t be everywhere, but the public can

CAV Safety Hub supports knowledge transfer

4 August 2022 – The CAV Safety Hub is here to increase the awareness in the road safety community of the value of emerging technologies,

Expert Guide to The Safe System

4 August 2022 – This report from OECD first published in 2016 is well-worth re-reading.

Fitness to Drive’

4 August 2022 – A new report available through the UK's Road Safety Knowledge Centre concludes that while a great deal of research spending and effort has created a wealth of information on FTD, there are many areas where the evidence is either inconclusive or where no research has been carried out.

Majority of motorists back ISA

2 August 2022 – Almost three out of four UK motorists (73%) back using in-car technology that would help ensure they stick to the speed limit.

Project EDWARD Week of Action

2 August 2022 – This year's Project EDWARD week of action will take place from Monday 19th September to Sunday 25th September and be the most ambitious yet.

National Highways Breakdowns Campaign

1 August 2022 – Now the fourth wave in August 2022.

Reducing road risk - increasing business benefits

29 July 2022 – Registering for the Driving for Better Business programme provides a journey to reduce road risk in any organisation organisation – and the evidence suggests a wealth of business benefits as a result.

A new central hub for road safety analytical support

28 July 2022 – Agilysis is excited to announce the launch of a ‘ Data Wiki’ as a part of the analysts’ support provided for Road Safety GB.

Drink Drive remains a concern

28 July 2022 – UK DfT has published estimates for Drink-Drive casualties for 2020 - these show that between 200 and 240 people were killed in collisions in Great Britain where at least one driver was over the drink-drive limit, with a central estimate of 220 deaths