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Scholarships available for the Australasian Road Safety Conference

5 April 2021 – Exciting news - scholarships are available for LMIC candidates to participate in the Australasian Road Safety Conference this year

New Mobility - Alternative transport for better outcomes

1 April 2021 – New mobility is about rebalancing the movement of both people and goods away from single occupancy, inefficient, fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

EU Road Safety Results Conference 2021.

31 March 2021 – The EU Road Safety Results Conference is an opportunity to engage with EU Member State authorities and all stakeholders on the progress being made with implementing the Safe System approach.

Using Convolutional Neural Networks To Improve Road Safety And Save Lives

31 March 2021 – Lois Anne Leal and Chaitree Sham Baradkar participated in the innovative iRAP Omdena 8 week Challenge earlier this year to find AI-based solutions to map crash risk and generate iRAP star rating attribute data.

Why 30 for Children and Youth

31 March 2021 – Streets for life, the theme of this year’s UN Road Safety Week, focuses on policy advocacy for low-speed streets.

DoT Safe System Assessment Framework Workshop.

31 March 2021 – The Safe System approach involves all aspects of the road system working together to help eliminate death and serious injury.

Locking Out The Drink Driver

26 March 2021 – Locking Out The Drink Driver: Using alcohol interlocks to reduce drink driving in the UK.

The World Bank's Global Road Safety Facility: new redesigned website.

24 March 2021 – The World Bank's Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website.

The CAV Safety Hub

24 March 2021 – Building on the knowledge available through the work of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), other agencies and from industry, the CAV Safety Hub aims to improve the understanding of the road safety practitioner community of the effectiveness of advanced safety technologies becoming available and being trialed as autonomous vehicles are being developed for our roads. 

Spotlight on… driver health & wellbeing

24 March 2021 – Research has revealed that psychological wellbeing not only leads to good health (the body-mind connection) but also has other positive side effects that organisations need to be aware of, and clearly indicates that employees who are well and happy are more efficient and safer workers.

Safe Kids Worldwide Childhood Injury Prevention Convention

24 March 2021 – The Safe Kids Worldwide Childhood Injury Prevention Convention, or PrevCon, is the largest meeting in the world dedicated solely to the field of childhood injury prevention.

DriverMetrics: Implementing a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme

24 March 2021 – This highly practical and tailored online course gives delegates the knowledge and skills to risk assess drivers and implement behavioural change programmes.