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Carros Más Seguros, La Liga Contra La Violencia Vial

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{ "_id" : ObjectId("6399ed47bba953000170a32b"), "ResourceId" : 23763942, "VersionId" : 32415608, "BuyingOrgId" : 16, "WebsiteId" : 0, "TemplateId" : 434, "Title" : "Carros Más Seguros, La Liga Contra La Violencia Vial", "Link" : "carrosmsseguroslaligacontralaviolenciavial", "DateCreated" : ISODate("2022-12-14T15:35:35.798Z"), "DateModified" : ISODate("2022-12-14T15:35:35.805Z"), "PromoteUntil" : null, "PageGroupId" : 0, "Weight" : 0, "OnHomePage" : false, "CopyOfId" : 0, "ViewingRight" : 0, "Template" : { "TemplateId" : 434, "BuyingOrgId" : 16, "Name" : "Award winner", "OurName" : "Award winner", "Alias" : "Winner", "Description" : "Details of an award for the Award Winners database", "Icon" : "shield", "DeveloperOnly" : false, "BuyingOrgSharing" : false, "Type" : { "ID" : 1, "Title" : "Website pages", "Description" : "Website pages", "Icon" : "globe", "Weight" : 10, "RequiresIdentifier" : false, "CanHaveChildren" : false, "CanHaveDefault" : false, "AskForTitle" : true, "UsedInWebsite" : true, "UsedInAppraisal" : false, "UsedInPortfolio" : false, "UserInputs" : false, "DoesntRequireReviewForSupervisorToView" : false, "DeclarationType" : false, "HasFinalScoring" : false, "SupervisorOnly" : false, "SafeForPortfolioAdminsToView" : false, "CanMove" : false }, "Weight" : 5, "Deleted" : false, "HasAttachment" : true, "AttachmentsOpen" : false, "CanRelateToEvent" : false, "NoLinkOption" : false, "GroupId" : 0, "DateCreated" : ISODate("2018-05-14T14:37:47Z"), "DateModified" : ISODate("2018-05-16T08:37:31Z"), "NoComments" : false, "NotTaggable" : true, "TemplateSubtypeId" : 0, "TemplateIdentifierId" : 0, "AnonymousCheck" : false, "CanRequest" : false, "AutoInReport" : false, "ParentId" : 0, "HideFromApi" : false, "CanComment" : true, "NumOfResources" : 0, "DisplayOrder" : 0, "DefaultTemplate" : false }, "Properties" : { "Category" : "21", "Commendation" : false, "Body" : "<p>La Liga Contra La Violencia Vial coordinated <strong>a mass media campaign to demand safer cars in Colombia.</strong></p>\r\n\r\n<p><br />\r\nLa Liga conducted a pre-campaign survey and found that Colombians ranked vehicle safety standards 7th when purchasing a new car. After launching an integrated campaign, a post-campaign survey showed that vehicle safety became the top criteria. The campaign also fostered a political environment that contributed to the National Congress addressing vehicle safety in a law published on July 14, 2022.<br />\r\n<br />\r\nBefore the campaign, focus groups showed that Colombians did not know that most of the cars sold in the market did not include minimum safety features recommended by the World Health Organization to protect lives. Providing information and raising awareness on the real condition of vehicle safety and increasing demand for safer cars was the main purpose of the campaign, as a step towards changing the market and the regulations. The campaign&#39;s overall objective was to make vehicle safety conceived as a&nbsp;<br />\r\nSpecific objectives:</p>\r\n\r\n<ul>\r\n\t<li>Raise awareness on the risk posed by unsafe cars for all road users, especially for vulnerable users (pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists).</li>\r\n\t<li>Influence knowledge and perceptions of citizens on the right of vehicle safety as a social value.</li>\r\n\t<li>Create demand for safer cars not only among car owners/drivers but from the entire society.</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n\r\n<p>The Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI), as part of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, financed the mass media campaign. The value of the campaign was $900,000 USD and had a duration of 13 months. The grant began on May 1, 2021 and ended on June 30, 2022.</p>\r\n\r\n<p><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwuIZ2wo_DY\">La Liga&rsquo;s creatives, specifically the paid ad that aired on national TV channels, </a> appeared from November - December 2021. In addition, La Liga supplemented the paid advertisement with both online activities through social media and in-person activities from late 2021 to mid-2022 and garnered nearly 300 news articles.</p>\r\n", "Year" : "2022" } }

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