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DriverMetrics®Coaching Programme

3 December 2019

This course offers driver trainers and risk management professionals an in-depth understanding of DriverMetrics® Profiling reports and how to use coaching techniques to address the behavioural issues in driver risk.

This highly practical and tailored 2 day course gives delegates the knowledge and skills to risk assess drivers and implement behavioural change programmes. It’s designed for driver trainers and managers who aim to use DriverMetrics® Profiling to change high risk behaviours. It delivers training to delegates on how to use a range of driver coaching approaches, such as workshops and in-vehicle training.

Learn Core Skills including:

  • Understand the psychological principles that underpin driver behaviour
  • Identify the behavioural factors that influence crash risk
  • Interpret DriverMetrics® Profiling reports
  • Discover practical strategies that influence driver behaviour and mitigate risk

Course Overview:

  • The Human Factors in Driving
  • Assessing Driver Risk
  • Influencing Driver Behaviour
  • DriverMetrics® Profiling led Coaching

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